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Upcoming Podcast!

Upcoming Podcast!
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Greetings and many warm thanks to all who read these essays! Creative nonfiction is the great passion of my artistic and intellectual life. And, without readers, the journey would be lonely indeed! With that in mind, let's discuss new projects.

The Essayist's Pen

Although I don't have a specific date, the podcast will be coming along shortly. Like the magazine, it will incorporate a little of everything, travel notes from full-time RV life, stories from my career as an urban park ranger, a wide range of topics gleaned from my research, your ideas, and stories about my dogs, Jacoby and Tessa, my wonderful road crew. Please email me any suggestions you may have for the first shows.

Hidden Art . . .

Examine the collage artwork for each essay carefully, as the thumbnails will now include hidden elements. Did you notice the item included here? Email me with what you find, and you will be entered into our holiday prize drawing.

Stay tuned, like, share, and subscribe!


A. M. Palmer



Author Photo: Greetings from Jacoby and Tessa