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Highlights & Narratives: A Photo Essay

Highlights & Narratives: A Photo Essay
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Photography is very much an art of happenstance, as one captures a moment in time, creating an image for posterity. As for what determines a "good" photo rather than a "bad" one, I'm still not sure. Technically precise pictures sometimes leave one cold and without any sense of connection to the subject. By contrast, candid images often lack detail and compositional elements. However, as a storyteller, I enjoy the journey of experimentation above all else, testing shapes for their narrative impact, examining intrusions of light for their influence on the frame. The sheer delight of discovery never ends. Speaking of discovery, I can still recall my first attempts at photographing animals.

Accessible Wildlife

After beginning my journey into photography, I decided to experiment with macro techniques, magnifying what would typically be overlooked by the viewer. This snail was fair game, as it slowly advanced through my neighbor's garden. Wildlife photography is rarely this easy.  

A Garden Snail in San Diego (Author Photo)

While working as a municipal park ranger at La Jolla Shores, I enjoyed photographing sea lions in their natural habitat. At times, they almost appeared to pose and eagerly await my attention. The young male pictured below assumed this position with desultory ease, shortly after he bluff-charged me for encroaching on his territory.

La Jolla Sea Lion at Play (Author Photo)

Author Photo
Author Photo

Shadow Enclaves

Alive with frenetic uncertainty, urban environments are among my favorite destinations. Hinting at danger, as it promises the excitement of discovery, a big city is the ideal playground for photographers. Years ago, a sunny day in Seattle afforded me a chance to shoot dozens of photos. As I made my way through shadows cast by the downtown landscape, a world of architecture unfolded before my eyes.

Seattle Rails (Author Photo)

A Library in the City

For book enthusiasts, the New York Public Library is an important destination, rife with history and brimming with urban charm. For this photo, I was fortunate enough to capture a bit of spring greenery. As I enjoyed the ambience of the beautiful structure, I could not help but wonder how many snowfalls and casual summer evenings it has witnessed, and how many great writers have walked the library's halls and studied in its quiet spaces. And what will its future hold? On that glorious spring day, I had occasion to wonder and dream.

The New York Public Library (Author Photo) 

Random Images & Memories

Lily of the Nile in Spring (Author Photo)

Balboa Park (Author Photo) 

Author Photo and Drawing

Dusk Remembrances (Author Photo)

Balboa Park Botanical Building (Author Photo)

Coconino National Forest (Author Photo)

Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest (Author Photo)

San Diego Eucalyptus (Author Photo)